In 2014, a chance encounter in the French Alps brought about a request from a drunken skier for Adam Hindson to show his ability to match his physical resemblance to Cliff Richard with his ability to sing. Adam took the challenge and impressed all those present.

The subsequent arrival of a magnum of champagne from the drunken skier celebrated Adam’s uncanny resemblance to his musical idol, Cliff Richard.

As luck would have it, also present in the room was guitarist Mark Burton who was energetically recruiting for a Shadows tribute act. Mark had served his time as a 60’s musical journeyman and, now with Adam, their mutual interest launched Cliff and the Shadz.

With a few tweaks and eventual recruiting of Lee Korver (as drummer), lead guitarist and keyboardist Graham Hamilton and former Freddie and the Dreamers’ bassist and vocalist Gary Rudd Cliff and The Shadz were set to (rock ‘n’) roll.

Lee Korver

Gary Rudd
Graham Hamilton